John Nicholson is a travel writer and blogger, published author, recovering professional politico, current jetsetter, media commentator, travel company owner, Starbucks addict, tourism branding consultant, and avid luxury and adventure travel evangelist. In a past life he worked the power corridors of Washington and the political media establishment until he gave all that up for lower blood pressure and a much more refreshing and fulfilling life of international jetsetting. When he’s not back home in Washington a few days a month, he can usually be found somewhere between London and the Maldives, either writing on a beach, playing blackjack in a casino, or dancing on a table somewhere blasting good house music with vocals. On breaks between all that, he’s still trying to finish writing his PhD dissertation too… sort of.

Where has John appeared or been published in the media?

What are some of the brands has he worked with?

So how does Jetset.Ninja fit into all of the above?

Jetset.Ninja is John’s personal travel blog. It’s where he chronicles his near-constant trips and adventures, shares honest reviews and advice about places he’s visited or stayed, and dispenses a fair amount of snark about the ups and downs of travel. Jetset.Ninja (yes, that’s a real domain extension) is designed to be a portal through which others can vicariously experience everything and everywhere he does. It’s also a handy reference for planning trips, avoiding traps, and generally being a smart and savvy traveler and global citizen. Jetset.Ninja is fun, funny, insightful, detailed, descriptive, and at times mordent. And it’s all about experiencing adventure and luxury around the world without being a billionaire… yet.

What’s all this other stuff he does besides this travel blog?

Well, putting all the political stuff aside since that’s what he left behind to enjoy the jetset lifestyle, John still wears several other hats as well. He runs an upscale travel company that focuses exclusively on the Middle East. He owns a global tourism marketing and advocacy company based in Washington, DC. He’s also the editor of Egypt Travel Blog and the host of the Egypt Travel Blog Podcast on iTunes. And he’s the proud dad of @SuperModelAriel (check her out on Instagram).

How can you get in touch with him, you ask?

Well if you’ve read this far and you’re wondering this, then you probably really want to contact him. So we’ll give you his real email address, disguised from web crawlers of course. It’s John at Jetset-Media.com. Or you can find him as @JANicholson3 on Twitter (he doesn’t use this platform that much anymore), or Instagram (he uses this a lot more), or Snapchat (he’s getting better about remembering to use this too). And of course, Jetset.Ninja puts all kinds of current awesomeness that’s too ephemeral for the website on his Facebook page, which you can find here or by simply searching for Jetset.Ninja there.