OMG She’s Got My Bag!

Right after refilling my SmartTrip card at the Metro today in DC (yes, I was taking the Metro… shut up!), I turn around and see this woman walking off with my beloved “Rescue Me Orange” rolley bag. I had a moment of panic (and a pre-tackle adrenaline rush) before realizing that something was in my left hand… it was the handle of my rolley bag. Suddenly I thought – wait a minute… if she has mine, then I must have hers. Oh crap! Then I looked back and saw MY orange rolley bag rolling behind me and attached to my hand. WTF? Then I looked at hers, then looked at mine again and noticed the Delta Diamond bag tag on mine. Whew! So that sneaky snake didn’t sashay off with my favorite travel accessory after all. But hot damn! She’s got the same fab bag that I do.

I haven’t seen anyone else with my exact same bag yet. I’ve seen someone with a grey version of it, but never the “Distress Signal Orange” color that mine’s in, which makes my awesomeness stand out that much more. I engaged her in conversation about how I almost just tackled her b/c I thought she was stealing my bag and we had an awkward laugh together. Anyway, cool to know there’s other people out there with good taste.