Egypt with Egypt Elite

As some of you may know, I also run a separate travel blog all about Egypt called the Egypt Travel Blog and host a podcast on iTunes called the Egypt Travel Blog Podcast. All of this knowledge and love of Egypt stems from my years living in the country, originally for school and later working in the travel industry in there.

I still own a boutique luxury travel company called Egypt Elite that focuses on small group and custom trips to Egypt for Westerners, although I usually do not lead the trips personally anymore. However, once or twice a year I do jump back in and personally lead one or two of the company’s trips myself, and 2018 will be no exception.

Later in the summer and again in the fall, I’ll be joining a few small group trips to and around Egypt on which guests will have all of the advantages of being accompanied by a well-connected expert who has a true passion for the country and its sites, people, and culture and also knows how to make sure we have a good time without all of the hassles that most first-time visitors to Egypt experience when they try to go it alone.

I always love every moment of my times back in Egypt. The Pyramids, Sphinx, tombs, temples, markets, and more simply never bore me no matter how many times I visit them with friends and guests. And there’s just so much there to explore and experience that even over a decade and a half later I’m still discovering new aspects of these incredible sites every time I return to them.