Food Tour of Europe… In One Day

Today I accomplished quite a feat by having breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Well, that’s a feat in and of itself, since I don’t normally eat 3 squares a day. But no, I had these 3 distinct meals in 3 distinct cities today. Actually, I had them in 3 distinct countries… all in one day.

I usually hate waking up early and would rather trade extra sleep for morning calories. But this morning, after galavanting around Spain for a few days with some amigos from the States who were there on a work trip, I had to get up early and head to the airport. So to kill the time, I had breakfast at the airport in Barcelona.

Then, because a week ago when I was in Brussels I was druzunk leaving the bars one night and left my phone in an Uber, I flew back to Brussels to pick up my phone from a friend who recovered it from the Uber Brussels office. That’s one of the 5,687 things I love about Uber. So while in Brussels, I had lunch with my friend there.

Later, I flew onward to Zurich to meet back up with my friends on the biz trip. I got there too late to order real food for dinner, so I made a dinner out of bar peanuts. Still counted as my dinner though, and was probably more nutritious than 90% of my dinners anyway.

So there you have it. In one day I had breakfast in Barcelona, lunch in Brussels, and dinner in Zurich. Three meals, three cities, three countries, all in one day. I can check that off the bucket list. Actually, that wasn’t on my bucket list. But it’s pretty dang neat anyway, right?