957 Listicles To Read about Places You Must See


Some social butterfly must have just recently returned from his or her around-the-world journey and posted all of their photos to PinFaceStagramBler or something because it seems like every listicle-loving website is now doing a “XX Unbelievable Places” post with the same types of sites, the same sites, and sometimes even the same photos. I’ve recently seen said listicles pop up from BoredPandaBuzzFeedThe GuardianHuffington PostYourAmazingPlaces, and others.

Don’t get me wrong – these places truly do look amazing. I’ve been to some of them, although some look kind of radioactive or something and I plan to spare my future children their third arm/eye by not visiting. On some lists, though, they’re really struggling. I mean, a tree-lined street in Bonn, Germany? Or just copping out by throwing whole cities onto your list, really? But others, like the Zhangye Danxia Landform in China and Japan’s Bamboo Forest, look cool as hell.

Of course, the ultimate list of places to see remains this.