Double-Pen Madness up in the Westin?

Last night was the second time I’ve stayed in the Westin Arlignton Gateway, a hotel I love luv LUV, by the way. It’s super clean and modern and well decorated and open and sleek and yada yada yada. It’s a nice pad, and you can catch it at some really great rates from time to time too. The staffers are professional and friendly and very well trained in the art of customer service, in my opinion. If this sounds a lot like a Yelp! entry for them, it’s because I wrote it while I was writing a lot of others to try to work my way up to elite status on there.

So anyway, the first time I’m in there, I go to take a shower and I look in the bathtub and I’m like, dafuk? Instead of a shower head, I see this two-headed, double-pen looking contraption staring back at me. I seriously thought the Virginia legislature outlaw those things back in the 1800s or something, along with fun and alcohol and gays and women and abolitionists and stuff. But there it was, staring me in the face and tempting me to hop in and give it a ride… uhh, I mean a try.

It was quite nice actually. I don’t know why anyone would need a double-headed shower head except to get wild and crazy up in there, but whatever. No judgments. To each his own. Go Westin!