Oh, Sochi

It’s no secret that Russia has been a bit of a mess lately. Security threats, political thuggery, kidnappings and torture of gay kids… all with the eyes of the world increasingly focused on the country as the Olympics approached. The pundit class in America has long speculated that Sochi might make a ripe terrorist target for the Russo-Islamofascists, but now the State Department has put its imprimatur on that fear.

Shortly before the games began, a travel alert for Russia was expanded to warn of a variety of issues, including the threat of terrorism against olympians and olympic spectators. Although we haven’t seen acts of terror committed at an olympic games in a long time, the terroristic massacre at the 1972 Munich olympic games is still very alive in the minds of many worldwide.

Beyond terrorism, the travel alert warns of other threats against travelers, including crime, inadequate medical care, demonstrations, being gay, janktastic hotel accommodations, and more. At least the vodka isn’t likely to disappoint.