Three Divas in Paris and Zero F*cks Given

So how about yesterday I was out strolling along the park in front of the Tour Eiffel (that’s Eiffel Tower in French, b-t-dubs) and I wanted to take a couple of selfies in front of La Tour. The areas around these sites in Paris with the best views are always crowded, but the monuments are so YUGE that one can usually get a good shot without others in the picture. So after dodging traffic in the middle of the road with other idiotic tourists to get a few new shots in front of the Arc du Triomphe, I had to get a few more in front of the Eiffel as well.

When I found a good spot, though, I couldn’t help but notice a group of women whipping out their selfie sticks and commencing a highly amusing and spectacularly entertaining photo shoot of their own. While there were 5 of them in total striking all kinds of poses, 3 in particular stood out as divas worthy of a mention here and perhaps an Academy Award later.

These lovely ladies spent a good 10-15 minutes striking every possible pose into which they could contort themselves while still in range of the camera on the end of their selfie sticks. And look at those outfits! You know these women are giving zero fucks about now as they snap, adjust, snap, pose, snap, smile, snap, snap, and snap away.

While I was originally annoyed by how much they were moving around and creeping into the edges of my own selfie photo shoot, I eventually had to just stop and watch these mega-tourists in the wild just do their thang without a care in the world. As loud as those outfits are, they’re just so… out there… that you have to give these divas some credit for living their best life so unapologetically.

I posted this photo to my Instagram story yesterday and everyone just ate it up. I kept getting direct messages all day long in response to this shot that just said things like “DYING!” and “I’m Dead!” and “Love Them. Who are they?” and “Divas!” All… day… long. And the more I kept looking back at the pic, the more and more I would crack up laughing and wishing I had chatted them up and invited them to happy hour.

Oh and my poor little selfie that I ended up posting… yeah it was pretty dull compared to all that fabulousness I was competing with. Next time I’m getting me one of those outfits to up my game for ALL of my Paris selfie action.  You just wait.